Fitness is the foundation and core competency of Shapes. All departments are pillars of the company and its base is the Fitness department. The promise to adapt a healthy lifestyle starts from its fitness department. The trainers are always on the lookout to research and implement new programming, methodologies and strategies to keep up to date with the fitness industry globally and provide the best result for the members.
Shapes Fitness staff hires and trains according to its core values which depict its mission statement i.e. to improve oneself for the long run. Every instructor goes through a pre-requisite exam to understand where the potential employee fits in the company and which skills need to be worked on for a career that is beneficial for the employee and company alike.
Shapes always looking forward for those candidates who are devoted to excel in this field, passionate, eager to learn try to make the difference in others lifestyle and be a positive change in the society overall.

Job Title Location Date
Assistant Project Manager headquarter Lahore Gujranwala 05/08/2016