Shapes's Corporate clients

In a recent research, it has been established that employees who worked out were more productive and had amicable relationship with fellow co-workers. Such employees had more energy throughout the day and remained enthusiastic about their tasks without any ill-feelings related to their work. In fact healthier individuals in the work premises means: fewer sick days, better attendance and more tolerant co-worker relations.

Employees at the end of their shifts can go together for a group exercise program; which can be an ideal way for team-building in the office. In order to have an overall more productive outcome of the business – many companies these days are encouraging their staff to enroll in a fitness program.

If you are a cutting edge organization that believes in providing your employees with the facility of staying fit and healthy so that they are better at their jobs, then contact us today to find out how to get a corporate membership.

Currently, we stand proud in offering following organizations our corporate memberships: