Because Kids wanna have Fun!!!

Having trouble finding a babysitter for your kid while you work out? Don’t let this be an excuse from missing out on getting back into shape.We at Shapes,don’t want to leave anyone behind which is why we have created a specific Kids Play Area to let your child have fun while you become a fitter parent.

The Pelican Playhouse

Exercising and playing are great ways for enriching the love of kids. It helps provide children with the opportunity of developing various skills by having hands-on experience on the field. To help your family stay fit and healthy together, we present the Pelican Playhouse.

Designed for playing and having simply nothing but fun, the Pelican Playhouse is state-of-the-art play area to allow kids between 3-12 to have ample opportunities to burn their energies. Why should exercising be restricted for grown-ups only? Play-time can be fun and a learning experience for kids. With our Pelican Playhouse, kids get plenty of exercise by indulging in various forms of play-time activities. Moreover, the play area is supervised with vigilant staff to ensure that kids stay safe.

If you are a health conscious parent who is most concerned about the well-being of your kid and you don’t think your child is getting enough time to exercise, then the Pelican Playhouse is a great way for you to present “exercising” as a fun part in your child’s routine.

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Games will play in an open gym space and can be played by kids of all ages and abilities. It is designed to allow kids to practice appropriate social skills, turn taking, numeracy skills, fitness skills and following rules. These games can be made more difficult depending on the ability level of the kids playing.