Our mantra at Shapes is: to have fun while going through the toughest of exercise regimes. You must be thinking how on Earth can that be possible? Well it is and here is why:

  • Fitness instructors associated with you are your coaches. They give you a much-needed pep talk when needed! They motivate you to thrive and work out so that you get your leaned toned body as per plan.

    • We take great pride in the fact that we are also the only institute training fitness instructors with the best of pragmatic and academic knowledge.

  • Personalized exercise programs – that’s what we offer to ensure that our Members get the best of exercise, diet and an overall health plan.

Why Train at shapes?


SHAPES Personalised Training System is designed to keep you continuously progressive. It starts with a detailed Health history, Physiological assessment including periodical fitness testing and well rounded training programs.  No plateaus allowed.


Our trainers complete 3-levels of education at the SHAPES Fitness Academy alongwith accessory skills acquisition. Rigorous and internationally recognized, it’s unlike anything else in the country.



SHAPES has never strayed from focusing on the basics of proper form, body mechanics and techniques since its inception. PLUS! We make sure that our Members are motivated and on track through periodical body fat and weight management assessments.

Move up the Exercise Ladder

It’s absolutely understandable and logical to start off with a casual training program and make it more concentrated as time passes by. Your personal trainer understands the physical constraints of your body which is why you start with less and move to exercises with increasing difficulty level.
It is most important for you to bond with your fitness Instructor. We want to give you full run for your money, that’s why we provide exclusive Personal Trainers with varying levels based on their experience and education.
Once you have had a candid discussion regarding your expectations and reasons for joining any of the fitness programs, we will introduce you to a trainer who is compatible with your goals. Together you two will work to build a compatible relationship that helps your reach your desired goal at your comfort level.


It’s all about a strong foundation. Your gym trainer will help you boost strength, conditioning, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Expect an improvement in overall wellness.

The Transformer

The Transformer is the health and wellness Coaching based around lifestyle and behavior management in the areas of Movement, Nutrition, and Regeneration.

This is training without limits, fueled by the power of transformation and the promise of infinite potential.

Rogue x Trainers

Rogue X is a level above others. Charged by the power of transformation, immense knowledge and practical experience in the field. Rogue X  trainers knows that productivity doesn't end after a workout, fitness pushes beyond the sweat, blood and tears in the gym. Fitness cant be bought but has to be achieved. Rogue X aim for the moon and refuses to settle for something else.



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Fitness is an art of precise commitment

Our facilities speak for themselves. We proudly boast about our equipment and state-of-art premises specifically designed for our Members. We get a little smug just by looking at our centers, but that’s okay - no? – considering what we have to offer, we stand tall in being the best and offering the best to our Members.


Shapes doesn’t believe in confined spaces. Our facilities have mirrors and vast board-room shared by Members to help each of you in engaging in your exercise regime. We believe in having an open environment so that you also get a chance to interact with others and feel one in the premises. Many of our Members end up having friendly terms with others that in it encourages all for becoming fit and staying active.

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