All it takes is a visit to one of our clubs. We promise you a life changing experience with our superior services in providing you up-to date training in a relaxed and motivating envoirnment. Our staff will push you to reach your goals and guide you along the way for overall wellness.

At Shapes we understand that exercise is the core element to improve yourself. It is scientifically proven that  having a designated time for a workout or sport helps you to:

  • De-stress by relaxing your mind off from your daily routine or chores.

  • Detox by sweating the harmful toxins out of your body. Working to build a better and powerful engine.

  • Develop into a healthier, happier, smarter and sharper individual.

Shapes believes in inspiring you to train on a regular basis which is the reason our facilities are designed to facilitate athletes or members who have the freedom to choose from various schools. We strive to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for work-out.

One who says exercise can’t bring happiness has not tried Shapes. We are not just selling you a complete exercise plan, as a matter of fact, you are making the choice to change yourself into an improved you.